kitchen organization and cleaning

The kitchen has been under construction for nearly ten months. This is what happens when you gut your house and add major additions to each side during the middle of a pandemic. Zero stars, do not recommend. It’s only recently occurred to me that I will need to unpack our boxes and find a home for everything. Many post it notes have moved around the kitchen as I’ve sorted this out and determined what I needed to bring some organization to it all.

The new kitchen has only lower cabinets, maximizing the view and natural light. I designed the cabinet layout to include two deep drawers to the left of the stove, a mini roll out pantry, wide shallow drawers in two locations, and more deep drawers in the island for plates, bowls, and glasses. Feeling a little protect of the new counter tops, I ordered these cute silicone trivets. They have that cast iron vintage design, without needing to worry about scratching the stone.

The addition includes a utility room off from the kitchen. For the first time ever, I broke down and purchased a monthly calendar to hang on the side of the extra fridge. Grocery requests and pick ups, appointments, work schedules, birthdays and everything else are noted here. Like my planner, I think there is the potential for this to some sort of family artifact, providing a little glimpse into life. At the moment though, I most excited about leaving reminder notes for my evening meetings, which have littered the kitchen for years.The utility room has closet, which is big new around here. A place for a broom and cleaning supplies – it is the definition of luxury. So excited to have space, I stocked up on cleaning supplies and organized with a deep sense of joy and relief. It represented the stress of the remodel coming to an end and a new beginning for our family in our home.

The quartzite counter tops called for Lustro Italiano Stone Cleaner. I filled a new cleaning caddie and closet with my favorites from Thrive Market: tea tree toilet bowl cleaner, stainless steel spray polish, tub and tile, lemon scented all purpose cleaner, glass and mirror cleaner, laundry detergent, and dishwasher soap. I tossed cleaning rags that have accumulated from our first apartment and replaced them with a stack of terry cloth rags.

The expression so fresh, so clean has never been so true.

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