I’m Jess – welcome to my kitchen. I hope you like drinking coffee and listening to Wilco while you cook!

I love food, family, and my kitchen. The recipes here are inspired by a desire to create something flavorful and beautiful for my family. I started Mostly Vegan Mama to help you do the same. Sometimes they are of my own creation, others they are my best effort to create or inspired by something I read in the NY Times. Cooking is one of my favorite expressions of love and I’m happy to share it with you.

The recipes are mostly vegan with some vegetarian recipes on occasion. They are geared toward family life, because that’s what I know. Cooking need not be a fussy or demanding experience, but a joyful practice that ends with with full bellies and hearts. Mostly Vegan Mama is here to be a resource to other families out there just trying to eat well.

This little slice of the internet comes to you from the hill of western NC and is fueled by strong coffee. I work full time AND I’m pursuing a second master’s degree – this time public health. Graduate school is not cheap, so this site does contain affiliate links to items and ingredients I love, trust or maybe even have on my own wish list.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did you first began come a vegetarian? I began by cutting red meat from my diet when I was 13 or 14. By my freshman year in college, I was a vegetarian.

When did you become vegan? I don’t actually remember exactly. But my wedding reception was vegan, so that means I was probably 23 or 24. 

Why did you choose vegetarian and vegan diets? It started because I didn’t want to support factory farming, which is inhuman to the animals they raise but also terrible for the environment.  While my feelings toward big ag have not changed, my understanding of the environmental impact of raising meat for human consumption is an easy reason to make the switch.  I’m not interested in armchair activism, and prefer to align my lifestyle with what my beliefs. The health benefits of eating a plant based diet didn’t come into play until my 30s.  This year I turn 40, so you’re lucky I remember this much.

What do you miss most about a vegetarian diet? Cheese.  Is there another possible answer to this question?

What do you miss most about eating a “regular” diet? Seafood – stuffed crabs, popcorn shrimp, salmon, lemon pepper sword fish steaks. 

Do you ever eat the things you miss? Once every few years, when in Rome (or Charleston).