Vegan Butter Favorites

A thousand years ago when I started a vegan diet, there weren’t many butter options out there, and the flavor was over the top fake. Today, like the rest of the vegan market, there are more sophisticated and well-developed vegan options on the scene. There are two vegan butters I generally reach for – cultured options like Miyoko’s and something a little more spread-able, like Earth Balance.

I prefer to buy organic Earth Balance, which has become nearly impossible to find in recent months. My grocery shopping is divided up between a local farm, Whole Foods, and Target (price comparison for budget shoppers like me). When Target didn’t have any organic Earth Balance when I was loading up for holiday groceries, I opted to try the Good & Gather organic plant-based buttery spread.

I expected it to have an over the top flavor depended on too much salt, so imagine my surprise when I found it had a quiet sweet and salty balance more akin to the delicate flavor profile of actual butter. I have used it for all types of cooking and baking and it’s performed well, but I still generally prefer it for toast and cooking, and reserving the pricier Miyoko’s for baking. I made ridiculous peanut butter cookies and brownie’s recently using the Miyoko’s and couldn’t have been happier with how well it creamed with the sugar giving each treat a perfect crumb. It also performs well when making butter cream frosting, where the more spreadable vegan butters to do not. The buttery spreads look great when first going onto the cake, but easily melt, soaking into the cake.