almost fall

I do not allow myself to indulge anything fall- like until it is September 1,  despite the fact that we all know in the southeast that September 1 only marks the beginning of “third summer.”  I enjoy the change of season and sense of time created by traditions. A sense of time, something to look forward to and making time at home as special and magical as possible has been important to me, particularly during the pandemic when most of the time it’s made more sense to stay on our little mountain than to venture out into the world.
Each year I made the same handful of specific recipes, their special nature being highlighted by their frequent or seasonal appearance. This is a recipe round of some of my favorites:

The anticipation of the joy to come is almost as wonderful as the actual season itself. In no particular order here are some of the things I look forward to every year:

  • The new season of Saturday Night Live.
  • The first fire in the woodstove.
  • An excuse to make pie on a rainy day taking a walk and saying brightly colored leaves against
  • Harvesting chanterelle mushrooms along our trails.
  • Acorns and pumpkins of all colors.
  • Having a little outside fire down by the hazelnuts while we pluck them carefully from the bushes.Decorating the mantle and hearth with seasonal sweetness: big pumpkins, acorns and twinkling lights. I’m pretty sure this bunting is going to make an appearance…
  • Switching over to white to red wine – malbec is my fall and winter favorite.
  • Ordering matching jammies sets for the kids careful to be festive but not too specific so they can be worn through chilly spring night. Last year I ordered the wintry scene, moose, and red berry patterns. This year I am leaning toward these cuties:
  • The excitement of a new school year! We are a homeschool family and I delight in the anticipation of a new year.

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